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What is Clit Comedy Club?

welcome, comedy friend!

Clit Comedy Club is an inclusive, feminist comedy collective that offers its audiences a chance to see up and coming comedians showcase their freshest material all while conducting a scientific study to determine once and for all – who ever thought women are not funny?!

To participate in this cutting edge next generation experiment, click through to TICKETS and sacrifice a night full of laughter to science.

where can I find Clit Comedy Club?

We’re coming near you soon!

Clit Comedy Club founders Mari and Anshita are currently touring with Clit Comedy Club’s first full comedic production “THE CLITORIS ACT”.

For exact dates and locations of the show, please check out the tab TICKETS. For more about the show, visit the tab THE CLITORIS ACT.

And if none of the shows are coming near you now, let us know so we can add your city to our list of places to go!

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