Clit comedy club @Tallinn fringe

August 2022

August 18th-21st 2022

Heldeke! Theatre-Bar
Tööstuse 13, Tallinn

Clit Comedy Club Shows at Tallinn Fringe are now done and dusted

Our first ever Tallinn Fringe run is now done and we could not be more grateful to all the wonderful people who came to the shows, talked to us afterwards and took awesome selfies with our gorgeous selves. Tag us on Instagram, bitches!

4 days, 7 shows and more than 300 audience members is something we’ll cherish for like.. at least a week.

See ya soon, you not-so-introverted Estonians! xxx

On stage in Tallinn (in numerous arrangements) were: Mari Volar (EST), Anshita Koul (IN), Erin Crouch (US), Lu Noboa (EC) and Kaisa Pylkkänen (FI), Sille-Kadri Simer (EST), Sigrid Praats (EST), Heli Pärna (BE/EST)

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